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Panchakarma Checklist

One of the important criteria for selecting an ayurveda center for your panchakarma is the qualifications Ayurveda doctor. Now a days there are so many ayurveda retreats, resorts, clinic, wellness centres  are grooming up in the world. How can you select a center whether it is doing an authentic ayurveda or not?

  1. The first one is to check the Ayurveda doctor. He should have a minimum qualification of Bachelors degree in Ayurveda. This is called B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery.) This degree is given by Indian Universities under AYUSH Ministry, after completion of 5 1/2 years of studies in Ayurveda and school medicine subjects.  Unfortunately in Germany, people practice ayurveda without proper studies having a certificate in Heilpraktiker or degree or masters in modern medicine with weekend courses of Ayurveda seminars. Since they have superficial knowledge in Ayurveda, they try to explain as Ayurveda is for finding out constitution (PRAKRUTI) or a nutrition depends on the constitution. There by simplify ayurveda as a lifestyle with yoga asanas. Of course this is important but in ayurveda medicine or in Panchakarma  the disturbances of the doshas (VIKRUTI) is more important and the panchakarma and nutrition are given for Vikruti not for the Prakruti. But the people and the ayurveda community in west did not understand this. This is because the medical fraternity in Ayurveda is rare in Germany and the non-medical practitioners and non- ayurveda doctors are dealing this wisdom, which can surely give negative feedbacks in future.
  2. The second point is availability of Ayurveda medicines or Herbs. Since the country like Germany is restricting the import of ayurveda medicines in its original form from India, people try to minimise Ayurveda by giving ginger water, hot water, aswagandha, satavari or any single herbs as tea. The companies are also producing single herb powders or compressed tablets or capsules. This will never work in human body if it is not given in a prepared forms of medicines  like kashayam, arishtam, churnam, ghrtam, leham etc. in complex and compound formulations. Ayurveda medicines means from age old traditional pharmacies which are prepared in this forms. But it is restricted in Germany with modern pharmaceutical industries. So people market single herb powders or tablets which will not get the desired effects; and the complex formulations can be understood by only by ayurveda doctors who have a university degree as B.A.M.S.
  3. Therapists are the third category to be looked upon. People know Abhyanga (Oil massage) in Ayurveda. But most of the “so called ayurveda therapists” do oil massages with almond oil or rose oil or aromatic oils and say it is Abhyanga and even given an improper word like Abhyanga massage like Chai tea  (Abhyanga means oil massage and chai means tea !). How many of the ayurveda therapists knows that Ayurveda has different oil applications depends on the disease (Vikruti) and it is only done with proper herbal oils not with plain oils like almond, jojoba, sesame or rose oils? The Ayurveda oils are mostly sahacaharadi, dhanwantharam, narayana, Prabhanjanam like 100 which are properly cooked with different herbs. Which therapists knows the ingredients and its action? The ayurveda oil application like sirodhara, abhyanga, Kayasekar etc are only done with the instructions of ayurveda doctors in India, who has studied the actions of these medical oils. But in Germany, without any Ayurveda doctors instructions, people make massages with salad oils or any oils and say Abhyanga massage!!!So funny !! Another area is the Ghee drinking in Ayurveda. It is only given in certain pathological cases. Not for every one and not for all the diseases. And the Ghee is herbal ghee. And it is daily increased in doses. Giving pure ghee for everyone and the same doses are not Snehapana which can also create severe problems.
  4. Patient / Client is the main person who should know all these factors. He is the person who needs healing. He is the person who spends money and time and given his body and mind to the Ayurveda. Patient needs healing from his ailments with proper herbal, mineral, animal preparations properly diagnosed and prescribed by an  ayurveda doctor and systematically applied by the doctor or therapists. That is AYURVEDA in India. And this should be every where or else you are inviting more problems by improper ayurveda applications. Think twice if you go for panchakarma and spending your valuable time and money.
  5. In India Ayurveda quality control is properly designed and still we are qualitateevely improving . Every resorts, hospitals or clinics are lead by ayurveda doctors and given a quality seal like olive leaf or Free lean etc.. Every treatment is done by the therapists who has done a minimum standard of therapy education  for  1 year. Every ayurveda preparations are produced by the companies like kottakkal arya vaidya Sala, Coimbatore ayurveda Pharmacy, Vidya rattan Oushadha sala, Nagarjuna Ayurveda center, Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy like  GMP or ISO standards. Every yoga therapists or teachers are followed the ayurveda doctors who prescribes  the sequences of Asana , Pranayama, Dhyana  etc for each individual patients.  And all are qualitatively controlled by the Government bodies like AYUSH ministry, CCIM, CCRAS etc.