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Ayurvedacare-Health Club

Have you employed a mentor to help you to navigate your Life style?

Bhagavat Gita, one of the greatest book of Yoga teaches us how to fulfill our life without agonies and stress.

Here I am:  to tell you the secrets of Ayurveda for exploring your inner beauty of life and how to heal yourself  with home care Ayurveda Programs.


Change Your Life

What Are You Expecting From Your Life?

Do you want a healthy life?

Do you want a happiness?

Why not to get it?

Let’s meet together and discuss your health issues.

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About our mission

What is the basic concept of Ayurveda Care Health Club?

Ayurveda Club membership is mainly focused for a complete cure for the main diseases with lifestyle changing concepts rather than  subsiding the acute symptoms with a  medicine or a treatment . Mostly we are interested to heal the basic symptoms of a deep disease but not interested to heal the deep disease with a life style changes which leads to a permanent Cure. While you are doing the Ayurveda treatment, do not believe that the symptoms what you are facing is immediately subsided.  Mostly we reduce or mask the symptoms with different medical systems. But with Ayurveda is on the hand. If the symptoms are relived, it does not make sense that the root cause is removed. So change your life style, that will change your ailments. Ayurveda will be  the main stream medicine for the future. Because it is a Way of LIFE.

AYURVEDA CARE HEALTH CLUB is a key to a happy and healthy life

AYURVEDA CARE HEALTH CLUB offers a unique and evolved Lifestyle for each one of you through a Lifestyle consultant at your home / office / school or company.

AYURVEDA CARE HEALTH CLUB is the creation of Dr.Jeevan.E.P who is extremely passionate about bringing this evolved lifestyle to every home in the world so that you can face life’s ups and downs with ease , then you can achieve your life goals and live life to the fullest .

Five Steps to Your Success

Contact Me

Just write a mail with your interest in your life style. It can be a question of your constitution and the best life style suitable for you. Or a prevention of diseases with Nutritional and psychological  support, or a chronic disease where you need an Ayurvedic medical management with Panchakarma and Ayurveda Medicines.

Make an Appointment

Register your self for a personal appointment with the convenient time for both of us depends on your country and my German time to get a direct Audio-Video consultation.

Find Your Dosha Vikruti

After the video consultation,  I will analyse your Dosha Prakruti (the inborn constitution) and the Dosha Vikruti (the imbalances in your  Body-Mind machine) and communicate you with the following advices.

Changes in Nutrition

You will be getting by E- mail, a tailor made – Nutritional guidelines that what you should prefer more and what you should reduce and what you should completely avoid. Along with this a daily schedule to balance your Physical and mental Dosha. A four weeks of Ayurvedic way of cooking with your locally available vegetables are also included in this program

Changes in Life style

The Lifestyle consultant who is a doctor in Ayurveda will introduce you to the concept of self-care, self-love and self-empowerment through our various lifestyle concepts which empowers you to face life positively and effectively.

Do You Want a Healthy Life with Ayurveda Care?


How we do it ?


Check and correct your dosha Vikruti with an ayurvedic life style.


Organic Herbal supplements based on Ayurveda.


Relax your mind and body by the teachings of Yoga Sastra


Cellular level cleansing by the practice and Ayurveda Detoxing methods


Comprehensive counseling for emotional wellbeing


Correction of your Nutrition according to constitutional pattern or diseases pattern with various Ayurvedic food recipes.


Guiding you towards a healthier Vedic lifestyle to achieve the goals of a Human.

Seven Steps of Ayurveda Care

Consult me (Pareeksha) 

Get the herbal formulas (Aushadha)

Changes in food style (Ahara) 

Change in Life style (Vihara)   

Mobilise the endotoxins (Ama Pachana)  

Detox (Panchakarma)           

Rejuvenate (Rasayana)