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We do not have a standard package of treatments for every individual. You can only book the duration of Ayurveda days but the treatments are only decided after the diagnosis. But still you will have a general idea of our multiday package, which includes customized authentic Ayurveda therapies , yoga asanas, Yoga dhyana and Satwavajaya* programs along with healthy ayurvedic nutrition. You will be under the guidance of Ayurveda doctors, who will decide and monitor your progress to reach ultimate healing and to be at ease.

Benefits of Authentic Ayurveda

Applicable in almost all diseases.

Eliminate toxins & cleanse your body & mind.

Restore your natural balance and improving health and wellbeing

Strengthen your immune system & radiate vitality.

Lose weight in a healthy way & sustain it.

Get rid of the negative effects of stress on your body & mind and attain a relaxed state of well-being.

Enhance the quality of your sleep, digestion & productivity.

Enhance the glow, tone and brightness of your skin.

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