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Why Ayushgram for Authentic Ayurveda

  • It is run by a team of Ayurveda doctors who are having a long term experience in practicing and propagating authentic Ayurveda since the last 25 years in Germany.
  • Our German team consists of 2 Ayurveda doctors and one nurse from.
  • Our Indian team consists of 2 male and 2 female doctors, 8 ayurveda therapeuts, 1 Ayurveda chef cook with 6 restaurant staff and so on.
  • It is an eco-friendly resort with locally available resources is used.
  • After understanding the imbalances in the doshas (Vikriti ) by various ayurvedic diagnostics like Jihwa (Tongue), Nadi (pulse) etc. we make a tailor made treatment program for each person for sustainable healing.
  • We provide traditional Panchakarma for various kinds of diseases since diseases are accumulation of unwanted materials in the body and mind and Panchakarma motto is clean it with various herbal preparations.
  • We serve easy to digest delicious vegetarian food to all of our guests which is customized by the physician based on the imbalances (Vikriti). Food can heal if it properly prepared, proper quantity is taken. Proper quantity depends on your digestive capacity. The aim of Panchakarma is to clean the internal organs and improve the digestive fire!
  • The therapeutic Yoga sessions are conducted by experience teachers certified by the Svyasa university. Yoga is good for health mainatance. But which yoga asanas or pranayama or dhyana is suitable for each individuals? Our yoga program is not general, but individual specific deoends on your patho-physiological make up.
  • Ayushgram is a registered Ayurveda School for western students. To study from the mother country of Ayurveda is always authentic. Our practical training in Ayurveda is unique with teachers who have a lot of experience in western counries.
  • The Ayurvedic medicines prescribed are sourced and prepared by Arya vaidya sala-Kottakkal; Ayurveda Pharmacy –Coimbatore; vidya ratnam Oushadha sala-Trissur with GMP Certification. But most of the Ayurveda decoctions are freshly prepared from the locally available plants.
  • Our therapists are well trained under the guidance of senior Ayurvedic physicians and are certified by the Department of Health. Govt. of Kerala.
  • Our daily schedule starts with a Morning walk, temple ceremony and yoga sessions which calms your mind and most important fragment in healing.
  • Our Interactive Vedanta, Satsang and conferences aims to transform your life towards higher purpose and better productivity.