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AYUSH healing Village

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This is a healing village located in the district of Palakkad. It is retreat with Resort facilities and spiritual vibrations from Panchamurthy temple dates back to 1200 AD.
Just take a flight, we are waiting for you to extend a healing healthy holidays.

This resort is harmoniously set on the outskirts of Palakkad city with six acres of refreshing greenery with rice fields on the one end and holy river on the other end. Ayushgram is the natures gift and we just maintained it. This Resort offers a spacious and comfortable stay in Palakkad with Ayurveda medical facilities. It’s decorated with great care to make your stay in Palakkad as memorable as possible. We provide a village life to the guests; one can feel and recover the memorable moments in Ayushgram, we provide rooms like single or double accommodation in deluxe or luxury cottages.

The guests can feel and realize our Ayurveda restaurant and the tea shop- “Chaya kada “ to feel the Ayurveda cuisine.

Various types of activities for guests to enjoy the village life experience of palakkad and also kerala cultural & traditional activities like Indian classical dances, Kathakali and Kalari payattu,. More than that the Astrological consultations, Pujas and Homas which are in the daiva vyapasraya chikitsa of Ayurveda is included in the treatment programs. A morning walk through the paddy fields, cycling, and yoga asanas and Ganga arathi* gives magnificent stay in Ayushgram.