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Panchakarma in Kerala !

An Ayurvedic treatment consists of three steps.

Ama pacahana (Mobilising the toxins by intake of special herbs depends on your diseases in a form of Decoctions or Powders or Arishtams.) Most of the people who travel to India from western countries miss this stage and there will not be time for this preparatory stage to do in India when you have only 2 or 4 weeks of holidays. Because of this we do the preparatory stage for Panchakarma here in Germany. This consists of Ayurvedic Consultation which includes the diagnosis of your problem according to Ayurvedic principles, nutritional advises, detoxifying and toxic materials mobilising herbs, a referent letter to the expert doctor in India explaining which Purvakarma and Panchakarma is good for your health and advising the suitable resort or hospital. Ama Pachana preparations should be taken for minimum 14 days before the travel.

Purvakarma and Panchakarma (This second stage of treatment will be 14 or 21 or 28 or 45 days)

Purva karma is the name given to the medicated oil and sweating therapies. The five different types of cleansing therapies are called “Pancha karma” Depending on the individual condition of each patient, varying therapies are selected out of the pancha karma program. This second stage will take up between 14 to 45 days, depending on the chronicity of the disease.

At Ayushgram  we provide the second stage of treatments called Panchakarma.

Rasayana or follow up treatment

This is the final stage of the Ayurvedic treatment which nourishes the system, thereby building it up in the long run and ensuring maintainance of stability. This procedure can be done with Ayushgram doctors in Germany  or the recognised doctors al around the world. . They will assess your needs in all the three stages of treatment. Upon return from India, special focus may be given to the adaption to western food and climate adhering to Ayurvedic principles.

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