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Home Care Panchakarma at Pelhamer Lake , Bad Endorf

High lights:

  1. Ayurveda doctor is doing most of the panchakarma procedures.
  2. Ayurveda preparations from the authentic Kottakkal or Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda factories of India.
  3. Only 5 people will be taken for each home care Ayurveda so that a very high quality and care is given.
  4. Home- Care- Ayurveda is designed by spending most of the time with the traditional Ayurveda family of Jeevan.
  5. Homely cooked vegetarian organic food of locally available vegetables with Ayurveda cooking concepts.
  6.  Learn cooking of South Indian Kerala style of breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  7. Yoga designed for Ayurveda  with Panorama Blick to Pelham See.
  8. Prepare yourself before the Panchakarma with Nutrition, Ayurveda herbal preparations & yoga minimum 14 days before. You can consult him at Berlin, Frankfurt, Ingolstadt, Munich in Germany.
  9. Serene and calm atmosphere for stay and home- Care- Panchakarma just near the Pelham see.
  10. Follow up consultations after the panchakarma for to check your health status.
  11. Maximum 240 Euro per day including food and 2 to 3 procedures depends on the condition of the person.
  12. Stay at Hotel See Blick with different category of rooms in the same campus or guest house which is just the ground floor of the Ayurveda Care Centrum.
  13. Always panchakarma with the consultation minimum 14 days before.
  14. Panchakarma will be done for only people who stay in the premises.
  15. All panchakarma procedures are designed by the Ayurveda doctor, not as a wellness package or can not select by the clients.

What is detox in Ayurveda? Ama Cleanse !

Here is the logic of Ayurvedic detox. Ayurveda explains that our body has three functional zones. They are vaguely translated as the gastro-intestinal tract (Koshta), tissues (Dhathus) and Channels (Srotas). GIT stands for all organs /Tissues of excretion. Nutrients move from GIT to tissues via fluids and then to channels. Wastes on the other hand travels from the channels to tissues to GIT in the reverse order. Toxins also need to be expelled in reverse order, i.e. tissues >fluid > GIT.

If you consider a factory of any fine products, there should be resources for the process. Consider a furniture factory.  We need the wood material from the forest that should be transported through rivers and the materials should reach to the factory where the final product is produced. After that again the final product should be reached into the specified franchise shops. The wastes from the factory also should be transported either though roads or rivers. Here the resources are in the GIT like the forest; rivers like the fluids in our body; Factory is like the tissues or Organs. The specific shops are like Different channels.

First phase of cleanse requires 1) breaking toxins in the tissues  (Ama Pachana with specific herbs or minerals depends on the area the toxins lodged.

Second phase is to flush them out into the fluids. Phase two includes extracting toxins from fluids and push into the GIT.

The final, 3rd phase will include removing toxins out of the GIT

If you mobilize and not doing the cleanse, these toxins return to your weak tissues and restart the disease.