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Home Care Panchakarma in Pelham – Bad Endorf

Next Home-Care Ayurveda-Panchakarma for Prevention of diseases and to balance Doshas according to seasonal variations:

  1. Autumn Panchakarm for Pitta and Pitta Vata balance: October 10 to 19.2017
  2. Winter Panchakarma for Vata and Vata Kapha balance: December 5 to 14.2017
  3. Spring Panchakarma for Kapha and Kapha Pitta balance: April 10 to 19.2017

Naturally there will be normal home- care Ayurveda panchakarma program in every month without depending on the seasons.


Panchakarma dates in 2017

July:                           17./26.07.2017

September:               12.-21.09.2017

October:                    10.-19.10.2017

November:                14.-23.11.2017

December:                 05.-14.12.2017

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