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Healing with Bio-Medicine- Practical Ayurveda


Ancient Medical opportunities for Modern times.

Modern Medical practices together with the technological advantage can offer a combined time-tested practice of Ayurveda in your esteemed Medical center.

Following the ethos of Medical center, the Department can use the science and technology to integrate evidence-based medicine in Ayurveda into the practice of modern medicine. The Integrative medical Department can hold onto the core value of Medical Center in offering better results to patients in terms of safety, time, cost and therapeutic benefits.

Making use of the advancements in technology & science, Medical center can open the scope to identify, assess and personalize the immense wealth of medical knowledge represented by the science of Ayurveda for patient care and health promotion. Through the unique Prakruti / Constitution analysis of Ayurveda and co-relating the information to the genetic makeup of a person,Medical Health Check-up can predict diseases and offer preventive interventions and life-style modifications to its patrons. Following are the areas where Ayurveda can be made in to fusion with the modern medical approaches: READ MORE

Healing with biomedicine

“*आ नो भद्राः: क्रतवो यन्तु विश्रवत: *”
                   Let noble thoughts come to all from all sides”. Rig Veda 1-89-i
Disclaimer: Jeevan is not a School Medical doctor / GP, he has an Ayurveda medical degree from India where it is considered equal to any other medical degree.
This website provides much information but you must contact your Ayurvedic health professional before you treat yourself them.

CLINICAL experiences

  • Multiple Sclerosis

  • Poly Arthritis

  • Infertility


One of the diseases commonly affects the Central Nervous system is Multiple Sclerosis.

Even though there is no exact correlation of multiple sclerosis in Ayurveda as a disease-specific, but with the presenting symptoms of an MS patient we can correlate this disease under Vata Vyadhi which is an 80 group of disease which affects the moving property of the body.