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यत् पिण्डे, तत् ब्रह्माण्डे ।

yat piṇḍe, tat brahmāṇḍe

Whatever there is in the environment is also there is the human body


Use your time as more productive

One of the main complaints of most of the people in the world is time stress. If your kids asked for a help to do the home work, you have no time. If your partner asks for a helping hand to clean the kitchen or putting the used plates in the dish washer- you do not have time. Washing machine, dryer, cleaning the home, cooking, ironing, storytelling to the kids, making the bed like so many house hold work- we always push them to another person. Even for to keep your own health, we do not have time. Consuming the precooked food, canned food, bakery items like bread etc., even for an oil bath or shower, to prepare a healthy food- we do not have time. We are running for something, which is usually not needed in a healthy life style. At present, we are locked with a unseen object and we have enough time to do a lot of positive things for yourself and also for your family. <Just use this time for the next 3 weeks and you develop a new character which is essential for our coming years. If you think that, I have nothing to do in this lock down and sleep until 9 o´clock, wasting time for Television and social media for un necessary chat or slaves of Alcohol or cigarettes, you have learned nothing from the present situation. I will explain some of the healthy life style development program which is from the Indus Valley civilization- AYURVEDA. There is no need to adopt all the things and also immediately, try it- if it helps continue for a healthy happy habit. My father used to say always- If wealth is lost-nothing is lost; If health is lost- something is lost; If the character is lost- everything is lost. The following points are sometimes irrelevant for you! Or you need an evidence! You can spend millions of Euros for the research, but the results are the aim and results are the same. You can make a PhD or a research article published in Lancet. But even without that, these are time tested civilization and the results are just in front of you.


 1. Early to bed – Before10 pm- the last part of Kapha kala you must go to bed. Which makes you easy to fall asleep. 2. Wake up at 5 to 6 AM- the time of Knowledge. Make a regular habit to evacuate the urine and fecal matter. This is one of the important factors to keep you healthy. Wash your face and clean your teeth and tongue. Gargle with warm water and then with sesame oil.
3. A variety of activities for the entire body ore a sequence of yoga asanas which is suitable for your constitution. 4. After your Yoga Asanas, take an oil application on the body either the Ayurveda oil which is suitable for you or Almond oil. Take a warm shower, both head and Body. Do not forget your hands. 5. Wear some nice clothes which are fresh, ironed.6. Come to a special energetic area of your home and do pranayama, meditation or chanting some mantras. 7.8.00- 9.00: Make your breakfast either porridge, cut fruits, smoothies, Fresh juice, and herbal teas.
 Use spices like cardamom, cinnamon, Ginger, pepper, cashews, Almonds and raisins depends on the recipe. 8. Use ginger herbal teas, Lemon-ginger tea or Holy basil tea for this spring season or toprevent any respiratory infection. Make 1 thermos can of herbal water for the next Hours for your drink.
 9. 10-12 PM: Do your home office- if you have.
Help your children for studies Read a book which is uplifting your mind. Write an article with your interest Draw or paint a picture
 Study a new language
 Go for a fresh air if you have garden
 10. Make your Lunch / Help your partner: No raw food or salads; No meat, fish and egg, No Alcohol.
 Rice, Noodles, Pasta, Mung Dhal, Masoor Dhal, Toor Dhal, Green / white colored vegetables:
 Zucchini, Beans, Asparagus, Cucumber, Spinach, Avocado, Chicory, Okra, Moringa, Amalaki, Celery, Potatoes, Sweet potatoes, Yam, Lemon, Ginger, Star anice, Cumin,Curcuma and so on. Stick on Local and seasonal vegetables. Reduce red colored vegetables and fruits like Tomatoes, paprika, Berries etc.
11. If you are above 50 years, please go for a nap- maximum 15 zo 30 minutes after lunch.
 Sleep on your left side.
12. Having a masala tea or green tea at 4PM. If you are in need of a sweet make a sesame laddu, besan Laddu, Dates laddu or apple cake. Enjoy with your family. 13. Washing machine / Ironing etc.   13. Look your old albums / marriage video. Share with your kids. 14. Take a shower again at 6 PM, fumigate your home with incents or guggulu or sallaki. Meditate for a while / sing mantra / Gayathri mantra 15. Prepare your dinner- a light soup. Mung, vegetables, asparagus, carrot etc. 16. Clean your kitchen, wash the plates or in dich washer. 17. Look a nice film with your partner ( Tare samen Par, Awake, Kabhi kushi Kabhi, 3 Idiots like some family films that every body can enjoy. Or a very less time for the social media. 18. Call your parents or grandparents. If they are at home, listen them and study from them their experiences. Let your children also listen and respect them. Call your friends and exchange your feelings.Avoid alcohol, smoking, meat, fish and eggs
 Eat healthy
Do Exercise. Go for a walk if possible, to get some fresh air
 Change your position in siting home office work
 Talk and share / with neighbours and friends. Compassion is a medicine
 Get your info only from reliable sources
It is important to mention the healthy conduct and personal hygiene mentioned in Ashtanga hrudaya 2ndchapter- one of the original texts of Ayurveda. Even we could not practice all, but trying for a better health is always good.

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