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Do you want to integrate  authentic Ayurveda in your Modern medical practice?-

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Advances in contemporary and modern medical practices, information-communication and other technologies provide an ideal base and a compelling opportunity for considering integrating time-tested practices of Ayurveda into present-day clinic practice. Using specific examples from neurology, oncology, cardiology, rheumatology, metabolic diseases, complex-chronic disorders and genetics,-genomic & Ayurvedic prakurti analysis,  will offer insights into approaches for integrating evidence-based Ayurvedic practice with modern medicine without diluting the ethos of your clinic or its core values. Examples of where Ayurveda can work alongside modern medical approaches and achieve better results and clinical outcomes with safety, time, cost and therapeutic benefits include:

Neurology: Integrating Ayurvedic medicines, Panchakarma, Yoga and Nutrition to the management protocols of Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, M. Alzheimer and Psychosomatic diseases can offer a comprehensive holistic approach towards disease management.

Oncology: Highly specific and targeted chemo and radiation therapy in oncology can open the doors to integrative approaches in specific tissue / organ targeted cyto-protection using Ayurvedic drugs and procedures.

Cardiology: Cardiac insufficiency and Pulmonary Hypertension are two areas in Cardiology, which your specialty can actively address through an integrative approach with Ayurveda.

Rheumatology: Synergistic approach in the management of all kinds of Rheumatism (Fibromyalgia, Chronic pain, Poly Arthritis) will be another area of active integration.

Metabolic Diseases: In Diabetes the integrative approach focuses on early prediction, prevention of the disease and management of diabetes-associated complications.

Complex conditions, Chronic Diseases & Syndromes: Modern medicine is effective but expensive. Ayurveda and other traditional systems of medicine can be a perfect partner to provide integrated, cost-effective and sustainable solutions particularly for the growing epidemic of chronic and long term diseases. Treatment for functional corrections and management of slow developing, long-lasting and often uncurable conditions like Chronic Fatigue syndrome, Chronic Stress and Burnout-Syndrome, Insomnia; Skin diseases like Chronic Eczema, Psoriasis; Gastrointestinal diseases like 
irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, Colitis ulcerosa; Psychosomatic and psychiatric diseases like Depression, fear and panic attacks are other areas where it is possible to integrative Ayurvedic insigts with contemporary, modern approaches. Ayurvedic dietetic and herbals interventions alongside modern therapies, for instance, can offer cost-effective alternatives with added benefits of be benefited with less dosages, high efficacy, and build up immune system and less expensive.

This is where Ayurveda Care comes in. The combined experience of nearly 25 years of helping to design and create Ayurveda concepts and facilities by Ayurveda physicians is what we bring to you. We are Ayurveda physicians who are committed to creating medical therapies for the community.

We can help by –

1) Creating authentic Ayurveda concepts, standards and operating procedures.

2) Giving the infrastructure and design requirements based on our concept which are imperative for an authentic Ayurveda centre in co-ordination with your team of architects.

3) Doing the background research required to create the above concepts so that every aspect of the Ayurveda implemented is well backed up with the required documentation.

4) Sourcing the Ayurveda medicines, equipment and other requirements

5) Identifying and training the Ayurveda physicians and therapists whose knowledge and expertise are so crucial to the success of this endeavour.

6) Sitting with your financial consultants and working on a financial viability report for your facility.

7) Providing the required technical information and material which will be required for the marketing of the centre – this material can also be used to create audio-visual material, reading material etc.

To reiterate, our emphasis will be on providing authentic Ayurveda.

Our passion is “creating authentic Ayurveda practices” – if you share this passion and believe that we can together achieve this vision, please write to us at consultancy@ayurveda-care.de


We Provide:

  1. Ayurveda and modern Medicine Integrating ideas
  2. Ayurveda Doctor for consultation and treatments protocols.
  3. Infrastructure like Ayurveda preparations and equipments.
  4. Traditionally trained Therapists.
  5. Doctors & Therapist courses.