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Head of School’s Welcome,
It is important to have a curriculum for Ayurveda medical education recommended by WHO benchmark for a quality control of education.
​Each of my student is welcome to the school of Ayurveda at Germany. We need an education of Ayurveda who can integrate the global principles of ayurveda in our modern life. The students are subjected to study by learning and doing a various subjects during their curriculum. Sanskrit language by singing mantras and slogans, dances by Mudras, yoga sastra as physical exercises of yoga, breathing exercises as Pranayama, Mental exercises as Dhyana; Martial arts as Kalari, Nature loving by plants cultivation, Nutrition by cooking ayurveda recipes are some among them. with this training it is able to build up a generation who are environmental friendly, human friendly and god loving people not as god fearing.

                                                                                                                                           Sincerely, Dr. Jeevan.E.P, Head of School

Our Philosophy

The integration of Ayurveda and Yoga with modern medicine to bring every medical practisioner  to bring about total health, awareness, and harmony is the motto of Ayurveda School.

It is the dream of  and the goal of the Ayurvedic School to be able to offer a complete program of Ayurvedic study. This program would be similar in content to that taught in the Ayurvedic colleges and universities of India recognised by AYUSH Ministry.

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