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Module 2 B: Orientation program

Deepening in Ayurvedic Knowledge” Tatwa Prakasini”

An Intensive Educational Program for Ayurveda students. Tatwa means principles and Prakasini means to enlighten. Most of the Ayurveda principles are written in hidden ways in the very special language called the language of GODS- Deva- Nagari or Sanskrit. This should decode to understand the principles. Then we get more accurate, correct meanings and understandings. This needs a deep knowledge in Sanskrit language. The purpose of the program is to draw the students’ attention to realize the profound principles and depth of Ayurveda in the traditional method of learning through a traditional Ayurveda doctor who can read and write Sanskrit. To put the student through a rigorous study program to realize the need for internal discipline to master the science of Ayurveda

To make the student well equipped to understand the concepts of Ayurveda life style, diagnosis and treatment. To expose the students to the new challenges in diseases and to apply Ayurveda Principles in proper way so that to become excellent physicians or Therapists.