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Module 2 A: Ayurveda Advanced Course (CHIKITSA)

Participating students are required to be Certificate holders of Ayurveda care, Ayurvedic Basic Studies. Occasionally, Ayurvedic students from other institutions and licensed health care professionals request to participate in this program. These applicants are formally examined in the subjects of Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Anatomy & Physiology, and Ayurvedic Lifestyle practices, and must demonstrate a level of understanding comparable to other students who has completed the 10 weekends course. Candidates for auditing status may be interviewed and approved by Dr. jeevan.


  1. Diagnosis in Ayurveda (NIDANA)
  2. Common Ayurvedic preparations and its usage in your clinical practise (OUSHADHA)
  3. Treatment principles in Ayurveda (CHIKITSA SUTRA)
  4. Rheumatoid Arthritis and its treatment methods in Ayurveda (VATA RAKTA)
  5. Psoriasis & other skin disease and its treatment methods in Ayurveda (KUSHTA)
  6. Lumbago/ Sciatica syndrome and its treatment methods in Ayurveda (GRIDHRASI & KATIGRAHA)
  7. Gynecological diseases and its Treatment methods in Ayurveda (STRI ROGA)

Class hours:

Saturday 10.00 to 05.00 PM
Sunday   09.00 to 01.00 PM

Cost: Per subject Euro 250,-

Venue: Pelham & Ingolstadt