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Ayurveda Care is a an Academy dedicated to helping people access authentic Ayurveda. Since 1997 Ayurveda care has been sharing the life-enhancing gift of Ayurveda through education, workshops and tours. The dedicated driving force behind its success is the Ayurvedic Vaidya. Jeevan.


Disclaimer: Jeevan is not a School Medical doctor / GP, he has an Ayurveda medical degree from India where it is considered equal to any other medical degree. 
This website provides much information but you must contact your Ayurvedic health professional before you treat yourself them. 

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Doorways to Nature, Community & Ecology

Ayurveda – is composed of two words in Sanskrit- "Ayus" means Life and "Veda" means knowledge – A knowledge of Life. Ayurveda is the oldest system of medicine in the world and originated from the land of Vedas-India. In this traditional Indian Medicine the patient is treated as holistic: It is a physical, mental and phylosophical system with spiritual background. The aim of this medicine is to bring back the harmony with Macrocosm and Microcosm.

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Ayurveda Care Academy

Ayurveda Care Academy

AYURVEDA or Knowledge of Life is the oldest medical system, since more than 5ooo years back. The simplicity of the therory makes it popular world wide and efficient. This will be the answer for present day health problems. Once this will be accepted as the main stream medicine and work wonderful in a person supported by the modern technical advancement.

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Who benefits from Ayurvedic treatment? Group of people who additionally or alternatively would like to treat their disease. Health conscious group of people, who would like to use Ayurveda as preventive medicine to maintain stable health.

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Ayurveda für Institutionen

Ayurveda für Institutionen

Do you want to integrate authentic Ayurveda in your Modern medical practice?-Advances in contemporary and modern medical practices, information-communication and other technologies provide an ideal base and a compelling opportunity for considering integrating time-tested practices of Ayurveda into present-day clinic practice. · Centre? · Hospital? · Medical Spa? · School?

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The smile of Tradition

Ayurveda or the knowledge of life is the ancient medical wisdom of India which dates back to more than 5000 years. Efficacy of the treatments and the simplicity in the theory of Ayurveda, it is getting world wide recognition and popularity.


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  • The Ayurveda training with Jeevan was filled with Ayurvedic philosophy of life and the Ayurveda medical system with all levels as the body, the spirit and the universe. Everything is interconnected. The Panchakarma that I made with him has brought me again deeper into the life of an Ayurvedic household and let me feel the effect of Ayurveda. I am full of gratitude.

    Cora Ameer -Berlin / Germany
  • It was an absolute delight to dive into the depths of the Ayurvedic knowledge with the help of Dr. Jeevan. The warm-hearted, good-natured and enthusiastic lecturer teaches with unusual cheerfulness and ease and has a great sense of humour. With heartfelt thankfulness  N. Vershinina

    N. Vershinina-Russia
  • I think Personally much about dr. Jeevan, because I was introduced to the world of Ayurveda with consciousness. So to take this knowledge and learn as much as possible is for a complete health. I believe and trust the Acharya Jeevan taught this taught me and very grateful for this.  

    Erika Azkue Freitas -Madiera
  • With enthusiasm and expertise, Jeevan integrate the most authentic tradition with a modern approach, offering an absolutely captivating and effective teaching

    Laura Casu-Italy
  • I changed my life after studying Kun Fu. To make a total life style I studied Ayurveda. Thanks to my teacher Dr. Jeevan to introduce me in to Ayurveda!

    Michal Lytek-Poland
  • Jeevans ayurvedic teaching are a direct school of wisdom a mix of old knowledge with a own intuitiv teaching. He brings you to a deep level of knowledge and self reflection whith humor and challenge.

    Xotchil- Nicaragua
  • Dr Jeevan transmitts the vast knowledge of Ayurveda through many everyday life examples over the many years of practice and experience, in a very approachable and understanding way. It is exciting to hear him recite the ayurvedic texts in sanskrit and explane different concepts as well as application methods.

  • Др. Дживан не само разполага със задълбочени теоретични и практични познания по аюрведа, но и умее да ги предава по много интересен и разбираем начин. Курсът при него беше неповторимо преживяване и мога само да го препоръчам.

  • Jeevan is a dear friend of mine since 1983. He is very caring, understanding, playful soul.                          Love his way of teaching and practicing Ayurveda.                                                               www.drramaprasad.com

    Rama Prasad-Sydney
  • Ayurveda & Yoga is one of my life achievements.Thanks to Dr.Jeevan to fulfil this vision.  

    Jasna Okanovic-Rosenheim / Germany
  • Ayurveda help me a lot to understand deeper my Chinese Medicine. Thanks to Dr.Jeevan´s teachings!

    Dr.med.Rita Winkler-Gstadt am Chiemsee /Germany