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Prakrti ( Bodily constitution in Clinical Practice)

From birth to death each possess an individual biological blue print, termed Prakrti in Ayurveda which is formed during the combination of Sukra & Artava! Facts about Prakṛti :…


Home Care Ayurveda-Part 1

During my Yoga session I came across a flyer explaining about home care Ayurveda in Germany. I always wanted to do a Panchakarma somewhere in India especially in Kerala….


Disease Process according to Ayurveda:

If you look at any diseases, which are explained in Ayurveda, there is a liner development of a disease establishment. Either that is fever or Cancer or MS, the…


Home Care Ayurveda- Germany

Germany is the second home of Ayurveda. There is no need to tell that the first home is still Kerala. But we have to do a lot of homework…


Stress- How will I Manage?

What makes you Stress? Everything is too much in my life, so many projects, Too much health consciousness which fills up with extra-curricular activities like too much exercises, too…


Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) an Ayurvedic approach.

How can we understand and help CFS in the light of Ayurvedic Medicine? Vata, Pitta and Kapha are the basic theory in Ayurvedic Medicine. In Sanskrit, we call them…


Diseases of the Civilization: An Answer from Ayurveda.

The modern men are facing not only the problems of BACTIRIAS AND VIRUSES. The most of the diseases which are found in the west and civilised places are stress,…



Seka is one of the procedures performed for eyes. Netra / Akshi seka is a procedure where medicated liquids are poured on the closed eyes from a height of 6 cm in a thin and continuous stream for prescribed time.

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