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Module 2 B: Orientation Training Program- TATWA PRAKASINI

Deepening in Ayurvedic Knowledge” Tatwa Prakasini”

Ein intensives Ausbildungsprogramm für Ayurveda-Studenten. “Tatwa” bedeutet Prinzipien und “Prakasini” bedeutet zu erleuchten. Die meisten der ayurvedischen Prinzipien wurden auf verborgenem Wege geschrieben, in einer sehr speziellen Sprache, die sich GODS (Gott)-Deva-Nagari oder Sanskrit nennt. Dies wird entschlüsselt um die Prinzipien zu verstehen.

Then we get more accurate, correct meanings and understandings. This needs a deep knowledge in Sanskrit language. The purpose of the program is to draw the students’ attention to realize the profound principles and depth of Ayurveda in the traditional method of learning through a traditional Ayurveda doctor who can read and write Sanskrit. To put the student through a rigorous study program to realize the need for internal discipline to master the science of Ayurveda

To make the student well equipped to understand the concepts of Ayurveda life style, diagnosis and treatment. To expose the students to the new challenges in diseases and to apply Ayurveda Principles in proper way so that to become excellent physicians or Therapists.

Workshop 1Oushadha Parichaya:

Seminar 1: Dosha Parichaya- (Understand the doshas)

The dance of doshas and how to handle this- The operating instructions of Body and Mind !

Seminar 2:  Kriya Krama – (Intensiv – Praktisches)

Healing touch from Ayurveda Care

Seminar 3: Stri Roga- (Gynecological diseases and Ayurveda Care)

Accept the rhythm of Nature

Seminar 4: Women’s fertility

“We always ignore the €1natural home techniques and spend €10000 with no much results“.

Seminar 5: Garbhini, Soothika Paricaharya (Antenatal and Postnatal Care)

Ayurvedic Genetical Engineering for a healthy community.

Seminar 6: Tatwa Prakasini (Enlighten different Ayurveda Principles)

“Sanskrit- the key to higher consciousness”

Seminar 7: Ahara vidhi (Nutrition according to Ayurveda)

“Perfect Digestion “

Seminar 8: Dina Charya ( Ayurveda for the daily life)

“Less pills, more cleanse!”

Seminar 9: Dina Charya ( Ayurveda for the daily life)

“Prevent accumulation before it spreads”

Seminar 10: Your Body Type – Prakruti

“Your Key to know your success”

Seminar 11: Kitchen Remedies

“My kitchen is now a Bio-Health Center”!

Seminar 12: Pillars of Health

“The stronger your pillars, the stronger your house!”

Seminar 13: Detox Program

“An Ayurvedist changed my complete view on Cleansing and Detox!”

Seminar 14: Yoga for doshas

Seminar 15: Secrets of perfect sleep

“Gut and sleep connection? Never thought about it ever before!”.

Ayurveda – Fusion of Ancient and modern methods.

Need a new approach in medical world. Need a revolutionary approach of FUSION of Ancient method of medicine with the modern technical advances.

  • Life quality improvement in Cancer with Ayurveda and Yoga
  • Rejuvenate and palliative care in rehabilitation centers or old age homes.
  • Burn out? – A life quality management.
  • Occupational diseases of Modern Men? What can be done in Business with Ayurveda?
  • Tinnitus and ayurveda care
  • Multiple sclerosis and ayurveda care
  • Poly arthritis and ayurveda care
  • Colitis ulcerosa and ayurveda care
  • Psoriasis and ayurveda care
  • Back pain and ayurveda care
  • Parkinson’s and ayurveda care